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I'm just happy to be on the player side of the table finally after 2+ years of dm'ing a local campaign and dealing with all the fun stuff that dm's have to deal with.

*whinie player* But, but... X player killed more cultists than I did! He is op!
*me*- You realize he is wielding a standard combat gladius, and you, as a Librarian, have a force sword as well as psy powers? And that your character stood in the back of the fight and monologged for ~3+ rounds. Besides, your dice apparently loath you, you might consider a sacrifice to the dice gods before next game session.
*whinie player* But.... he is still op!
*me*- Sigh... *facedesk*

Originally Posted by LordNecross View Post
I for one am rather bored with Marines characters, so its nice to play something else that isn't a marine. Hopefully one of these days I will get to play something not a marine or human, or organic(or seemingly Organic), just to narrow down the field a bit
So, you want a rp that revolves around a set of Tau gun drones?
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