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Originally Posted by Iron-Within View Post
Wow, thats one badass space marine you've got there Euphrati. But why all the cloak and dagger with the other character?
Darkreever gave me the opportunity to present him with a Templar character to fill a void in the rp, an opportunity which I was both honoured and humbled in the fact that he would trust me not to overshadow the other characters in the rp even if it meant giving up the chance to play a female character (as unxp poked fun at me, it is something I have had little chance to do on these forums). Reever asked that I simply edit Roslyn for my new role instead of posting a second sheet which might confuse people.

Now, to the badarse side of him- Yes, Theo is an astartes, which in and of itself means he is somewhat of a badarse. However, something that was part of the discussion as to the character- he is injured, his armour is damaged, and frankly his ammo counters are looking quite lean to say the least without any current means of restocking them.

I have a feeling that Theodoricus is going to need the aid of the pdf and drop troopers as much as they might need him at times.
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