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Hey, sorry this took so long. It's a bit of a quick job but I hope it's OK. I just wanted to get something up.

Name: Private Jakon LaVeer

Age: 21

Appearance: Jakon is a handsome young man in a traditional noble kind of way, with high cheek bones and a strong jawline. He stands 5 feet 9 inches tall with broad shoulders for his relative height. His brown hair is kept short at the back and sides and tidy on top in line with PDF regulations. He is clean shaven. He keeps his uniform clean and pressed and his boots polished at all times, some would say obsessively.

Personality: Jakon is a General's dream soldier, disciplined, pious and obedient. He believes unwaveringly in his superior officers and the Imperial Creed. This does not always make him popular with other more free thinking soldiers or others who simply see him as being too stiff. He does not drink and is largely humourless. While others are cutting loose in their down time, Jakon is likely polishing his boots, performing maintenance on his weapon or reading a religious text.

Though this often opens him up to persecution, Jakon simply shrugs this off, confident in the knowledge that he will soon be an Officer.

Background: The LaVeer's are a respected military family on Prolial, claiming to be able to trace their lineage back to the original settlers. It is generally understood that the majority of family members will serve in the PDF at some point in their lives. Jakon is the third of four children. His Father is a Colonel, his Uncle a Tank Commander and his eldest sister a Lieutenant along with countless other cousins and other distant relatives. Even his elder brother, the family's second child who traditionally would join the Ecclesiarchy, found his way back to the PDF as a Confessor.

Jakon was raised to be a soldier. He was educated in one of Prolial's few dedicated military academies. Beyond basic literacy and numeracy his entire education has been based around military service.

However, Jakon is currently somewhat of a disappointment to his family name. Where more LaVeer's are promoted to Officers immediately upon graduation from the Academy, Jakon did not. His final scores only deemed average, he was forced to serve two years in the Conscript Platoons and has served three as a Private in the PDF. This is a constant source of shame to him and the reason behind his strict and obsessive nature as he attempts to live up to his family name.

The fact that none of his family has ever faced real combat and have earned their rank through connections, politics and parade drills is seemingly irrelevant.

With the Ork attack Jakon finally things he can prove he has what it takes and become worthy of his family again. Or years of training may crumble away in the face of such a threat....

Group: PDF

Equipment: Sub-standard Flak armour and helmet, spare ammo, combat knife and frag grenades.

Weapons: Las-Carbine
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