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Default (Interest Check) Orks VS Necron (Or) Lantern siege break

Aloha all, Just checking in to see if there is any interest in either a Ork RP, where a bunch of orks go down thinking they're going to krump some umies good on an imperial world, only to find the umies already been crumped good. not a soul alive on the planet save for them. And then Necrons show up to solve the mystery of who killed the people of the planet. Sides, what ork wouldn't want self healing armor?

Other idea i had for an RP was the Lantern marines have finally broken the siege of their home system in the their Sector. With the tyranid siege broken they sent a ship to bring word of this to their founding chapter and rejoin the imperium of man as a whole. However the warp is a fickle thing and an accident occurs, tearing their ship out of the warp and tearing it in half in the process. The navigator manages to get a distress signal out right before he's sucked out into the vacuum of space due to the catastrophic hull breach. Half of the ship comes to a "stop" by impacting a planet's surface. The other half is flung through the warp and exits within the Segmentum Obscurus region. Would have to find out which chapter people would want to play to deal with this one, either the lanterns themselves as they struggle to survive the ordeal, or as onlookers apart of another chapter coming across it.

More on the lanterns chapter can be found here

and images can be found here referencing them.



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