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Alright, so I see nothing wrong with Thede, welcome aboard @Tha Tall One .

Caul looks a bit more on the thin side, but then your character appears to be a bit on the smaller and thinner side; welcome @Iron-Within.

Finally we have Silas average Keldor and his average sheet of average averageness; perhaps other descriptive words in the future @komanko? I don't know who XXX is keeping his gear maintained but Keldor is accepted.

And as a note, PDF characters are not wearing flak armour, they are wearing sub-standard flak armour. Its lighter and less protective; flak armour can stop an autogun shot or lasbolt, maybe even help the wearer survive a shot from an Ork gun. Sub-standard flak can't withstand the punishment of regular flak, so don't go shooting each other to see how sturdy it is; as for Ork projectiles, if your gonna get hit hope for a ricochet.

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