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Name: Silas Keldor

Age: 17

Appearance: Silas is what one might call average, every time someone asked him his height, it would measure as average, his weight was average, not to skinny not too fat, the color of his eyes was an average green, never standing out from the crowed. An average scar from a gang fight he stumbled upon, one that anyone could get, decorates his left cheek. His nose a bit crooked, a remnant of the same gang fight. One could simply describe Silas as an average adolescent boy, who simply somehow survived long enough to be drafted into the PDF. So average in fact that he does not even stand out from the rest of the men in uniform, but yet, he did survive so far, so is he average?

Silas stands at about 1.72 meters tall, borders on the not athletic yet not skinny. On his left cheek a double scar which looks like a star, a gift from a small knife, his mouth a pale patch of skin, seems to always be tight, as if the mouth was stripped of emotion. Green eyes with some dark residue underneath, could be the sleepless nights, could be soot, Silas doesn't even know that himself.

A little bit of face hair has started growing, not enough to be called a beard or a mustache but enough to notice that he has to shave it. These patches of hair makes him look like an unruly street child at best, and at worst like some kind of an unevenly shaven rat. With the unshaven rat look comes the shoulderlength brown hair to make him look more scruffy.

When not wearing the PDF regular flak vest and helm he wears plain simple clothing, nothing to make him ever stand out of the crowd. Always at the same schemes always at the same colors, black or grey or greyish black, yet always seems the same.

Personality: Silas might seem like a completely regular boy on the outside but on the inside he is exactly the opposite. Silas exhibits exceptional intelligence for his age, always was thirsty for knowledge, never feared asking questions even if they were verging on the near heretical, he has a keen sense of cunning and a great will to survive. Yet with good and sound mind came a price, he is morbidly fatalistic, he believes that none of them stands a chance, they will all perish with the coming of the green tide.

Still he fights on, if its for his friends rather than for himself, he wont go down without a fight, although he doesn't have much to lose except life itself it is still something, and he is not that willing to give it away.

Generally Silas is talkative only with his inner circle of friends, yet he is not afraid to draw attention to himself by speaking to strangers either. Most of all, he is afraid, he is after all not even an adult yet, just a kid forced to grow up quickly and fill up shows bigger than his feet, it is good that there is always something to be done or something to get to because otherwise the weight of this existence will crush him and his sanity.

Background: Silas grew up in one of the space ports on Prolial Prime, his family was not impoverished, which was much more than many others could say, he had decent clothing and decent tutoring.

He grew up with both his parents yet his mother died when he was just eight years of age to some sort of unknown disease, one wonders how come only his mother was affected but at that age none would provide the answers to him.

Since his mother's death he grew closer to his father, his father being just an Arbites troop mainly, and although he was just an average guy he was still a kind and caring father, even if not the smartest, he would always try to answer Silas's never ending barrage of questions as well as he could and he would never get angry with him for that.
He was a great father all in all, and kept providing what he could for Silas until the age of 16 when he to has passed away, shot in the gut by a gang member on the way home, it was at the same time that Silas got his scar. He watched his father dying out in front of his eyes, blood seeping out slowly in crimson streams, they cried, and than they died. One was reborn later, as an adult.

Shortly afterwards Silas Joined the Arbites and from there headed to the PDF a year later when the threat of orks came to this side of space. In this training he discovered that he was a fine shot, not the best, but certainly above average yet out of everything he was always fond of the strategic and tactical part of every engagement, and while he might have not been the best tactician he was always eager to learn and always trying to analyze things differently to see different sides of the picture. Now if only he could do himself a favor and survive the orks, that would please him immensely.

Even though Silas had to grow up quickly after his father's death he is still a child in a way, and while he might not show it outwardly Silas still, in a way, looks for a father figure to look up to, someone he can trust and love wholeheartedly. Looking inward, his heart never fully healed after his father's death, and he still mourns it.

Group: PDF

Equipment: A well cared for flak vest and helm, although they have seen better days Silas has done what he could to keep them in good shape and order as it was after all, his lifeline in combat.
In a small leathery bag hanging on his left hip he keeps his frag grenades and in his father's hand made sheath he keeps a small combat knife that has been in his family for a while.

Weapons: A standard issue las-carbine, one that wouldn't stand apart from a whole pile of the same las-carbine stock.

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