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You could always come up with your own narrative and any homebrew rules that you want. You could check out the homebrew rules section as well to get ideas from there.

For example you could say.

The black legion has decided to start a new campaign but they need anchor worlds to create a stable warp opening. They have selected the world of Oson VIII to be one of these worlds to set up and become the launch point for their next black crusade. The world is currently habited by the tau as they are starting a new seeding colony on this planet because the abundance of Melosira juergensii a bio-luminescent algae that the tau use in a wide assortment of items. Unfortunately for the tau and the black legion. Oson VIII is a necron tomb world that has just started to awaken. A space wolves detachment have been summoned to investigate the level of the black legions involvement in the area and to destroy any resistance they encounter in their investigation of the chaos forces.

This way the armies can start small as they slowly encounter each other and then it can escalate into full scale battles.

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