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I've had a few armies over the years but the only ones which stuck were Chaos.

And while I thought the 3.5 codex was awesome I didn't play it with Iron Warriors.

I had a mix of daemons (bloodletters & plague bearers) Chaos marines, raptors, possessed, plague marines, and berserker dreadnoughts (crazed+ khornate+ 2 weapons.) Dreads with 7 attacks and an extra D6 charge distance were awesome.

Chaos lords with purchasable mutations and gifts were sweet. Possessed with purchasable mutations were fun.

Daemons who could charge the turn they were summoned was awesome.

And baroque daemonic machines running rampant on the field were awesome.

I own at least one of every chaos dread GW made, a few cool 3rd party ones, and almost every daemon engine (well up to a few years ago.)

I'm definitely in the "corrupt daemonic traitors are cool" camp. I also admit to being salty too. Our codices have been thematically cool and technically boring for a while. The strange mix of "slow and fragile" with "supernatural assault force" has made for some weird codices.

Chaos Army Showcase with photos (Updated 2013/12/02)
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