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Default Eldar vs tau general question

Hi all
I'm a pretty noob eldar player, having gotten back into 40K at 7th following over ten years out of the game.

I've played against a few armies but have no idea really what to expect against tau other then a lot of pretty hard hitting long ranged weapons.

In general, is taking an assault heavy army a viable way to play against them? In a 1750 point battle my list would be one thing like

Farseer on jetbike
3x3 units of scat bikes
Unit of wraith guard with d scythes in wave serpent to be pretty much a distraction
2 units of banshees
1 unit of scorpions
Shining spears led by autarch with banshee mask
1 unit of warp spiders
1 unit of Hawks

The idea would be to push the wave serpent right up towards his gun line, maybe his heavy suits.

Have the banshees run up the board as fast as possible behind the wave serpent

Scorpions infiltrate as far forward as possible

Then try and get everything i can into combat on turn two against his gun line, get my hawks into ongoing reserve to target any fire warriors I couldn't assault on turn two and deep strike my warp spiders on turn two.
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