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I wasn't so bummed about the lack of new tech as I was about the lack of a basic explanation of the political situation in the SW universe.
This was really frustrating for me. They talk about them consistently as distinct political entities, but they obviously are not. The resistance fighters even wear Republic symbols on their uniforms. It doesn't make sense.

I have a lot of complaints, though. I don't mind Kylo Ren as a character, but I was not happy with the actor playing him. Some scenes were good, but some just fell flat (and what was up with the accent? The actor doesn't have an accent normally, so why does he in TFA?).

What really pissed me off is that they had no time to actually explain ANYTHING that has happened in the intervening decades, but they had time for stupid cgi monster chase scenes that added NOTHING to the story?

Overall, I'd say it was a fun movie, but not a good movie. There was no tension with starkiller because as soon as you know it exists, they're blowing it up. I would've much preferred it if they had started out with starkiller blowing up the Republic, leaving only the resistance, who feels they only have a shot now if they find Luke Skywalker, kicking the movie off. That would have solved almost all of my complaints. I really hope the future movies are better.

EDIT: Also, it was definitely Finn being carted off the Falcon at the end, not Solo. They do show his face, he's just not center screen. They also show Leia reacting to Han's death (she felt it through the force).

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