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Movie was great. A little too similar to the original plot of the first trilogy so far. Also alot of missed oportunities for universe building, we barely got to see any new tech for this first order besides updated TIEs, Star Destroyer, and the Super Death Planet.

Honestly though the cast is great, I don't get the Kylo Ren Criticisms, he is just as he should be. Snivvly and childish, and wanting to be like grandpa, but not quite measuring up. I fully believe him maturing will be apart of his character plot. More should have been done with Fin's back story, because their is source material that build his character outside the movie, during his time as a trooper. The fact is though, who the hell even read that stuff? It was a poor decision on their part and it makes Fin's decisions look rather nonsensical. Phasma is also a flop of a character, for someone the specifically shoehorned into the movie to be a badass, she was little more than a chump and punchline in the movie (despite Marketing building it up to the contrary). Hopefully that is rectified later.

Please let Snoke be Plagueis. Also after all the Jar Jar Theories, I would like Jar Jar to tie into the Plagueis stuff. (The Only way I see it working is Sith Body Swapping powers, which were an ancient sith power for prolonging life, this tie in would make the power canon, as well as the Jar Jar Theories maybe.)

If not then Snoke is a real shitty villian that poofed out of no where. We need something to tie everything together, and this plot would be the one.

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