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I complained in my project log, but I am so pissed about people screwng simple things: I ordered from elementgames and the original amount was 9 scions, but then I realized that I need more and asked them to add 3 more Scions to the order... a huge mistake because looks like their IT skills are lacking - firstly they wanted me to pay for the original 9 for a second time and the added 3 - I managed to explain the mistake to them and they fixed the error, but now they sent only 3 scion squads. I informed them of their mistake, but they said I only ordered 3 squads. I sent them a message explaining the whole thing again in detail and asked for a quick response -well that was at noon - normally they've replied in a few hours - hopefully they'll mail me tomorrow starting with the words "We are sorry - you are right..." Anyway at the moment I am missing 9 squads or £160.
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