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Since you play Emperors Children ... which one of the books are you using ?
HH 1 Betrayal ? Or the two red Legion Army List books ?

Betrayal should have the info on 4 of the Legions. If you own the red books, then all the Info on the Legions Forgeworld has covered at the moment is right there.

Otherwise, there's a thread about Legion Tactics here in the forum section above your post in the HH section right here, covering most of the Legions.

There's also tactics threads for the Legions available if you simply ask google.
Even the thread on .... (Emperor forbid) ... 1D4chan is not entirely bad.

As for the fluff, you could try Lexicanum .... BUT ... this is neither exhaustive nor complete and personally I think reading the HH books (1-5) is the most informative way.
If someone's really considering to get into HH / 30k, then they'll sure be motivated to read up a bit on the Legions that might come in consideration.

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