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Necroing My Own Thread.

I am Active again and now actually have free time, Real life spirited me away for a while but it has calmed down, and I think I can pull this off if their is any interest. Which I doubt seeing as the RP section seemingly is dead from what I can tell.

Anyways, As for getting this thing going, it can be dragon age, or star wars(Since the recent movie, I can see interest.) ANd Another thing to ask is if someone would want to Co-GM the game, someone with some experience of course, so I can hash out the story, get feed back and changes to make and such.

Anyways, message here or PM me, I will be looking back here every once in a while to see if this stirs any activity. If Not, at least know I am back, and interested in RPs, if someone has something else to offer.

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