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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Yeah, models should totally be priced in real world money according to their significance to a fictional story. Man, with that economic head on your shoulders you should really gun for a job in business management!

While I hold the belief that anyone who makes an ad hominem attack based on someone's spelling or grammar immediately labels themself as a gigantic douche and an incompetent debater, I really cannot in full conscience allow you to go on believing that 'epitomal' is a real word, or that 'epitome' is a word you can use when describing Horus' role in the plot. One could make an argument that he is the epitome of military strategy, or of over-ambition, but not of the story.
Hey. Chillax, I ain't up for a 'debate'. Seriously cba. Just take a breather and listen to the Pina Colada song
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