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Originally Posted by DelvarusThePitFighter View Post
MidnightSun - Yes, however I for one am surprised that a character as central as HORUS is cheaper than the latest few primarchs who while they are big characters are surely not as epitomal to the story frankly (Perturabo, Corax and to a lesser extent Guilliman) - that isn't FW 'typical prices' (which btw doesn't make it ok) - that is rising prices (look at Angron and Lorgar's prices).
Yeah, models should totally be priced in real world money according to their significance to a fictional story. Man, with that economic head on your shoulders you should really gun for a job in business management!

While I hold the belief that anyone who makes an ad hominem attack based on someone's spelling or grammar immediately labels themself as a gigantic douche and an incompetent debater, I really cannot in full conscience allow you to go on believing that 'epitomal' is a real word, or that 'epitome' is a word you can use when describing Horus' role in the plot. One could make an argument that he is the epitome of military strategy, or of over-ambition, but not of the story.

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