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Originally Posted by forkmaster View Post
The pricing though.
Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Was never going to go down in price after Perturabo hit 70, i'm surprised it didn't go up actually. I guarantee Magnus and Sanguinius will be in 80 range.
Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
Great model in my eyes and cheap by FW standards.

Also considering the Fury Assault Squads, which is at 38 - That is relatively cheap as well by FW standards, as the Gol Vorbak Dark Brethren cost 48 for 5 models.

We really have to say this in every single thread?

Forge World is expensive as all get out. We know. These models aren't out of the ordinary for price.

You're looking at about 30 to 50 for a regular Character Series model, 60-85 for a Primarch, 30-50 for 5 infantry, 50-70 for Rhino chassis, 100+ for Land Raider chassis and flyers. We know this. This is not new. It doesn't have to be repeated every time Forge World release a thing. If the price is hugely out of the ordinary, then I can understand bringing it up, but why state the obvious thing that everyone knows on a regular basis?

In a vain attempt to make me sound vaguely sane and half-reasonable, I'm not digging at the specific people I quoted. I'm just annoyed that I have to go through multiple statements of the bleeding obvious to get to any actual, original discussion.

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