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Just got back from a trip that involved air travel with multiple connections (both outbound and homeward) and not a fraking single plane was actually on time for arrival or departure. Not a single one. Some with 1+ hour delays.

One of those connections saw me running from one side of the Dallas Fort Worth airport to the other only to be told that they had removed me from the flight and sold my seat to someone else because if that plane had taken off on time then I would have missed it. But, it had been delayed (like all other flights that day had been due to weather, and the whole reason I was running to catch it) and was sitting at the gate in Full view behind the girl trying to get out of telling me why my seat had been sold to someone else as they were calling for first boarding. One can imagine how displeased I was.

Secondly, why do airlines even have carry-on limits if they don't enforce them anymore. I was dodging huge bags that people were trying to pass off as carry-ons that were twice the size of the little 'this is the maximum size' displays at the gates.
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