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I had a question about this list:

"Emperor's fist" armoured company
Techpriest Enginseer.
1st squadron:
Tank commander, Leman russ vanquisher, Lascannon, camo netting.
Leman Russ vanquisher, Lascannon, camo netting.
2nd squadron:
Leman Russ battle tank, Heavy bolter, camo netting.
3rd squadron
Leman Russ Domolisher, Heay bolter, multi melta's, camo netting.
4th squadron
Leman Russ executioner, Plasma cannons, camo netting.
"Emperor's blade" assault company
Regimental command carapace armour, 2x plasma guns.
veterans 2x melta guns, carapace armour.
veterans 2x plasma guns, carapace armour.
veterans 2x plasma guns, carapace armour.
4 chimera's.
Bane wolf.
Devil Dog.
1850 points

Can you run a "Core" and "Auxiliary" without the "Command"? And as a follow up, would it be possible to run just an "Auxiliary"?

thank you for any responses, have not been sure how to fit these new formations in my current army, would be much easier to not have to follow the Detachment Org and just choose 1 of the formations.
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