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Originally Posted by R_Squared View Post
That's a really nice idea, looks great too. I'm sure he'll love it. I would.
Thank you, I'm hoping he does! He is a huge Chess player and has a fold out cardboard game mat and the same plastic pieces for longer than I've been alive, no joke that's a fact, it's the same box set up he was given by my grandparents a few years before he and my mother married.

Originally Posted by Moriouce View Post
Great work! I have the same planed for myself. Just can't decide on what races to use. Elves vs Ork maybe.
Thank you! Whichever races you choose, I'm sure it will look good! I'm considering doing another one for myself, but, unsure if I want different pieces or just buy the same ones again.

Originally Posted by DeathJester921 View Post
That looks awesome! Great work

I recognize the Viking Hero, Amon model from Reaper Minis. Awesome little model, despite the horned helmet. Where did you get the rest of the minis from?
Thank you! Actually, they are all Reaper. I made an order online, through their web store, and took care of the purchases coming from one place. Reaper has so many different minis that they were just the smart choice to turn to for what I needed.
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