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Default 1850 Mont'Ka versus Tau

So I'm replaying a game from last week, which I won for the first time against Tau. The player always tailors lists, never bringing the same thing. Last week she brought 7 meltas with a commander but deep struck on top of my tank and died during the mishap. She will have a lot of strength 10 and melta so I'm trying to play the objective game.

Lord Commissar
2 x veterans

Emperorís Blade Assault Company
CCS- Chimera, Plasmagun
3 x Vets, Chimera

Emperorís Fist Armoured Company
Pask Punisher, heavy bolter sponsons (still playing this until it is confirmed I cannot)

2 x Engineers, 2 x servitors each

I know it's a lot of vanilla troops but I want to wrap the tanks with the two vet squads to stop deep striking, if possible. My other option would be dropping the CAD and giving the vets in chimeras special weapons. I also thought about bringing a DKOK assault company with the endless troops, as I play DKOK just not the rules.

I am also, yesterday and today, finally gluing a skyhammer annihilation force, but was warned if I bring it she would bring some crazy formation that would table me turn 1. I don't like threats but I have a deal with the store owner if I play a game between 12-4PM on Saturday's I get 25% off my GW purchases. He believes people in the store, leads to more people coming into the store, so I have to play her.

I'm working on a white scars army, but it need the discount to buy the models, so I have to keep playing games I don't want to to get a competitive army, for once.

Any thoughts would be helpful!

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