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Default 2500 point Maru Skara list

Right folks, so I'm trying to build a list based around the Maru Skara because a) the lore for it is great and b) I'm determined to use it and show all those pretender legions the true meaning of perfection So, I thought I'd run my list by all you and let you tear open any holes you find in it.


Praetor + Paragon Blade + Iron Halo = 150 points

Command Squad (5 men) + x5 Power Axes + x5 Power Swords + x5 Combat Shields + Melta-bombs = 290 points

Legion Champion + Master-crafted Phoenix Spear + Boarding Shield + Artificer Armour = 125 points

Legion Chaplain + Crozius (Power Sword) + Power Axe + Combat Shield + Artificer Armour = 115 points


Tactical Squad (20 men) + Additional Chainswords + Nuncio-vox + Legion Vexilla + Phoenix Spear + Artificer Armour = 335 points

Tactical Squad (15 men) + Additional Chainswords + Nuncio-vox + Legion Vexilla + Phoenix Spear + Artificer Armour = 275 points


Apothecarion Detachment (2 Apothecaries) = 90 points

Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought + 2 Kheres Assault Cannons = 180 points

Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought + 2 Kheres Assault Cannons = 180 points

Fast Attack

Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod = 100 points

Primaris-lightning Strike Fighter + x6 Kraken Penetrator Heavy Missiles + Battle Servitor Control + Ground-tracking Auguries = 235 points

Heavy Support

Whirlwind Scorpius = 115 points

Vindicator + Laser Destroyer Array + Power Capacitor + Combi-bolter = 135 points

Sicaran Battle Tank + Lascannon Sponsons = 175 points

Total = 2500 points

Battle Plan:

So, we have 3 'prongs' of this army's attack. The first is the Open Blade with +1" to movement and consists of the two tactical squads and their apothecaries, the sicaran, the vindicator, the scorpius and the champion in one of the tactical squads. The tacticals probably start further up the field, preferably getting maximum LOS for the scorpius which will be camped behind a wall somewhere. The vindicator will likely be trying to snipe the heaviest target (either a Lord of War or a Spartan probably) and the sicaran will be nipping around with it's Fast type and just being an annoying thorn in my opponent's side. If my opponent has some flyer defense, the vindicator and the sicaran will be dedicated to shutting that down turn 1.

The second is the Hidden Blade and consists of the two contemptors and the lightning. Because they get outflank and to chose the turn they arrive, the lighting will fly on and wreck the 'hard-target'. If it's a Lord of War like a Typhon, then the contemptors will either glance the last hull point or two off it (if the lightning's bombing run of 4 S8, AP1, Armourbane with Tank Hunter and BS 5 doesn't do it) or just rampage through the enemy lines left-blowing units of the objectives in my opponent's deployment zone or just killing units hoping to sit back and snipe all day. If it's a Spartan carrying a deathstar, then the lighting will crack that no problem and they will just start to lay down fire into whatever falls out.

Thirdly, we have the praetor, the chaplain, their command squad in the anvillus. They guys will deep strike turn 1 in hover mode if there's flyer defence (so if it dies they don't all turn to jam and I lose my warlord) and jink for their lives, or in flying mode and be a pain to hit. Obviously they can't attack the turn they deep strike, but the nuncio-voxes mean I can deep strike without error within 12" of my tacticals or just in no man's land and just wait it out for a turn. Then, turn two, 12" and hit the enemy lines at the same time as my Hidden Blade because the anvillus is an Assault Vehicle. They will fall upon the, hopefully, depleted remains of the Spartan and finish them with 25 WS 5, S 5, AP 2 re-rolling To Hits attacks from everyone by the praetor who will challenge the enemy's leader. Sure it might be a Primarch, but that risk is what makes it exciting. If there was no Spartan then they'll just start tearing into some other valuable target.

By turn 2 my opponent should be battered by prongs 2 and 3 and dealing with them will let my tactical squads move up relatively unopposed whilst the tanks keep being pains in arses.

So, what do you think?

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