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Originally Posted by HokieHWT View Post
Thanks @Haskanael ! I ran into a similar problem when I come up against ANY CC army. Shooting I can handle with front AV14 but in CC anything hits rear armor either AV10 or AV11. So anything strength 4 or 5 has a chance to glance. Also scarabs glance on a 6, as do plaguebearers with "rust".

I like the idea of camo netting, then I can shoot and pop smoke in the same turn with the tank commander order, giving a 5+ but can that be used in close combat too?

With the new Emperor's Fist formation, GW is trying to make Guard a little more competitive so there has to be a way to stop models from getting so close. I always hear of bubble wrap but can't find an explanation of what it actually means.

yeah bubble wrap is basicly putting infantry around your tanks, personaly I find it inneficient and a waste of points. I try to keep on the move. and make sure I have other units that are scary in my army.

here is a list I tried in 2 battles last weekend. it met with mild succes while suffering a devastating loss against Necrons. (honestly even their basic weapons glance our tanks to death and those wraiths.. those wraiths... and all the bloody re animation protocoal safes and what not)
but a very strong win against a dark angel Deathwing/raven wing list.

"Emperor's fist" armoured company
Techpriest Enginseer.
1st squadron:
Tank commander, Leman russ vanquisher, Lascannon, camo netting.
Leman Russ vanquisher, Lascannon, camo netting.
2nd squadron:
Leman Russ battle tank, Heavy bolter, camo netting.
3rd squadron
Leman Russ Domolisher, Heay bolter, multi melta's, camo netting.
4th squadron
Leman Russ executioner, Plasma cannons, camo netting.
"Emperor's blade" assault company
Regimental command carapace armour, 2x plasma guns.
veterans 2x melta guns, carapace armour.
veterans 2x plasma guns, carapace armour.
veterans 2x plasma guns, carapace armour.
4 chimera's.
Bane wolf.
Devil Dog.
1850 points

the entire list is based on staying on the move, capturing and holding objectives and then moving on. while packing a fair amount of firepower.
and occasionaly ramming and tank shocking (not something I can recomend against necrons tho)
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