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hm camo nets could help for ranged weapons, automatic 6+ save, not much but it helped me a lot when I tested it.

on another note, I would advice dropping 1 plasma gun from the veteran squad. if they are going to ride around in a chimera you can have 2 plasma guns and use the top hatch. no need to leave the transport anymore.

about tanks. I am not sure why you would bubblewrap them. try to present your front armour as much as possible, and spread them around. the 12" BS 4 is a very tempting buff but if you keep all your tanks close together its gonna make for one big target for close combat units coming from assault vehicles.
in my experience leman russ tanks can take a pretty big beating before giving up the ghost. untill the enemy decides to focus all their firepower on them.

the only downside is that Tau and Necrons are basicly 1# on the list of vehicle killing armies.
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