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Default 1850 Emperor's Fist and CAD HELP!!!!

Here is what Iím working on for my 1850 list. I played a guy who placed in the top 10 at the NOVA open today, Necrons and Tau. He maxed his points, I scored 5, but I didnít get tabled. How do you stop tanks from being punched to death? I canít figure it out. I love my tanks, LOVE THEM, and wonít give them up. I love the formation, but I need to figure out how to make sure they survive. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Do I just run conscripts and bubble wrap the tanks? Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

PCS- Vendetta
2 Squads
HWT- 3 Autocannons
SWT- 3 Flamers, Vendetta
Vets- Chimera, 3 Plasmaguns

Emperorís Fist Armoured Company Formation
3 Enginseers
Pask Punisher, Heavy Bolter Sponsons
2 Executioners
Battle Tank

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Catachan Devils W6-L11-D1
Steel Legion Heavy Mech W6-L0-D0
Minotaurs and Knights W5-L1-D0

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