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Originally Posted by PopularSauce View Post
The new models don't look like emotionless robotic killing machines though
Yeah because:




Don't have the appearance of cold, calculating, inhuman machines that lack any form of emotion. You can totally read emotion on those faces...

Originally Posted by Necronlad42 View Post
especially the new flayed ones
The new flayed one's retain the cold emotionless machine you claim to want. Just like the flayed ones of old, the new ones flay and wear the skin of living beings, but in addition they also festoon themselves with body parts and bones. I don't know about you, but I think thats even more terrifying because I get even more of a picture of what they are going to be doing to my body once they get me.

And I was talking about having an army background from the current codex that reflects what Imperial minds believed the Necrons to be in the original codex.

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