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nice boy, daft though !
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han solo will return in ep8, kathlean kennedy confirmed it the other day, all principle cast will be back shooting in the new year, hamil has already started filming as has daisy riddley.

i loved it, need to go see it a second time, personally i think JJ and Kasdan have got everything right. if i could find fault it was that it was too short, i think it needed a bit longer to really flesh some things out but by the same token im glad i dont know everything yet, giving skywalker the last scene with no dialogue was genius. i think Kylo rens powers seeming a little random was done on purpose to show his struggle with the dark and the light side and possibly the force awakening in others, think about it, if non force users suddenly find they have skills what happens to those who already had developed some?
i loved the idea of star killer base, sucking a sun from existance and then spitting out death on an entire system, okay its another "death star" but by god its really exeeding its brief, i have seen some critics panning it over the similarities but we loved the originals and lets be fair , the originals borrowed heavily from other stories/movies/books, people didnt like the prequels because they were not star wars enough, but when you give people a squel with some borrowed elements from star wars people also find fault? disney couldnt really win(A bit like GW lol)

3 days to go before i find out if the wife got me a bb8 or not!!

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