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Originally Posted by mal310 View Post
Now he may come back for flashbacks or whatever but if it is the case that it is not possible to tell who was stretchered off the Falcon then I'm calling it, Solo lives. The other reason I think he's alive is because we didn't get to see Han and Luke together again, which I think is surprising.

If the shot does include Finn (and it might, I need to see it again) then Han's dead. I think.
Thanks for the links! I'm glad that Ford is back, for flashbacks or for real.

I suppose if Darth Maul can survive being cut in half and falling down a deep shaft on Naboo, Han can survive being run through (was hard to tell, but didn't look like through the heart) and falling down a shaft at Starkiller.

Chewy is definitely unaccounted for (at least from what I can remember, I'll need to see the film again) while Finn and Rey are out battling Kylo Ren in the snow. So... who knows. I do know Chewy didn't look nearly as sad as I thought he would when he and Rey take off at the end of the film to go find Luke. Maybe it's because Wookiees are ultra fast mourners, or maybe it's because you're right and Han isn't dead.

Come to think of it, Leia doesn't look nearly as upset as I thought she would either. When the Falcon lands and Rey comes down the ramp, Leia hugs her like a daughter who's had a really bad day, not like a woman who just lost her x-husband because her son just killed him unarmed and in cold blood.

It sure is intriguing to think about. At this point though, I kind of hope Han is dead. As a general rule, I'm not a fan of characters being killed off and brought back with a "wait, I'm not dead" lets flashback to how it really happened scene.

Personally, I would have liked to see something like this...

Han dies (although with a little better dialogue between father and son than we got in the film), and then Chewy goes on a rampage (again, a little better than the rampage we got in the film). After wounding Kylo with his bowcaster, I'd have liked to see him try like crazy to get down there and get personal with him (this would be sort of like the blind rage he exhibited in cloud city when Han was getting frozen in carbonite). With FO stormtroopers crawling all over the place and shooting his way, I'd have liked to have seen Kylo Ren escape his grasp by withdraw back through the oncoming stormtroopers. Finally as Kylo makes it out the door, Chewy, wounded, unable to escape, and having taken several blaster wounds, lets out a roar that will be remembered for a thousand years, hit the bomb trigger, and blow himself, a gaggle of stormtroopers, and the entire facility up in one last act of defiance. *insert wookiee roar here*

Then after Chewy and Han bring down Starkiller, I'd move the film outside to where Ren and Finn, encounter each other/have the film play out from there...
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