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Originally Posted by Uber Ork View Post
I donít know, I feel like J.J. killed Han off for good. For years there was talk about how Harrison Ford thought Han Solo should have been killed off. He discussed it not too long ago on Jimmy Kimmel Live (you can read about it on wired or Cinema Blend, etc). I think J.J. gave Ford what he wanted in Force Awakens.

That would be cool. IMDb doesnít have Ford listed for Episode VIII, where as it does have Hamill. Do you remember where you heard that?

Even if Ford was cast for the film, I wouldnít put too much stock in it. Mark Hamill and Gwendoline Christie were confirmed as being cast in Episode VII, and we heard Christie speak what, 2-3 lines, and Hamill didnít even get a line. At this point, for all we know Ford could be cast for a flashback scene thatís meant to fill in a missing part of the story.
Harrison Ford is listed on the Disney casting calls for Episode VIII


Kathleen Kennedy has also confirmed it, apparently.


Now he may come back for flashbacks or whatever but if it is the case that it is not possible to tell who was stretchered off the Falcon then I'm calling it, Solo lives. The other reason I think he's alive is because we didn't get to see Han and Luke together again, which I think is surprising.

If the shot does include Finn (and it might, I need to see it again) then Han's dead. I think.

As for the film, I enjoyed it but I thought there could have been more originality. I'm looking forward to the next one.
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