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Originally Posted by Oldman78 View Post
Hahaha, I saw this on facebook the the other day, the man is a perpetual, the emperor of man, the 40k game was a test to see if there were enough people to follow him, 40k at its zenith in the last few years as well as Russian muscle flexing, coincidence?! I dont think so, the unification wars are starting, time to start denouncing every traitor and xeno player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting. So you're saying that 40k was actually invented by Putin. Hmm...makes sense.
Is there anything he can't do?

Actually...you've just reminded me that there is a Putin action figure. He's riding a bear! I need to buy one. I work in Moscow (so I need to be vocally supportive of our great leader Putin since I want to keep my work permit) and can try to find it.
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