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Default Marines Operating Unpowered Armour?

Bit of a weird little quandary here, was thinking along the lines of one of the questions i posed everyone a while back ( https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...d.php?t=181434 at this url if your interested to follow up on my train of thought) . In refards to power armour power sources and after watching this ( htgps://youtu.be/83FP3nRKECc )

It leads me to wonder if anyone can remember or has heard of Marines operating power armour or even the tactical dreadnaught armour without the assistance of the mechanical enhancements the armour assists the user with such as the muscle like linings of the suits. Has anyone heard of this or read of this at all?

This leads on to if unable to use the armour as per-nomal if the power sorce is damage in some fashion does the marine become entombed within his armour? Or can he manuver enough to remove it? Or is this the main reason marines have the ability to enter a hibernation like sleep so if theyget stuck and turtle someone can pick them up and give them a charge?

That is all.

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