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Default Sisters...

Sorores Argentum Gladio

THE SILENT WATCHER had rarely seen as much excitement on board the ship as there was today.
Palatine Talanova Alisa Stepanovna of the Order of the Silver Sword, stood to the rear of the command Sanctum and watched in undisguised irritation as the ship’s crew around her got more and more excited over the upcoming mission. The otherwise quiet and subdued command area was now alive with babble and general clamour as more and more crew came and went. She had noticed that the command section had almost doubled in size as officers and communication staff prepared the ship for the imminent ground insertion.

She tipped her head and another Sister stepped out of the shadows. Human speech was forbidden in their Order so the complicated hand language used by the Adepta Sororitas was the preferred method of communication. It was also virtually untranslatable to the uninitiated which suited their way of life.

+ Sister. Seek Lord. Inform. We stand ready for deployment +
Her companion nodded.
+ I serve. Question? +

The Palatine turned slowly. It was not protocol to ask anything of a senior, but, as she often reminded herself, Casandra Balakhnova was not known for adhering to the strict rules and regulations of the Order.
She was, after all a Nunciate Advance, and considered to be a highly capable Sister when it came to negotiations between her Order and the other human, and non-humans. Her record spoke for itself. Balakhnova was an accomplished warrior with an exemplary record. She also appeared to have a close relationship with the Lord Inquisitor which also helped things to run smoother.
It was legend that Lord Inquisitor Martinez was not known for his patience and diplomatic skills.

+ Speak +
+ Revenge. Palatine. Target at location. Not decoy. Hunt and Destroy +

Stepanovna knew that the young Sister still felt guilty for not protecting her predecessor, after her unlikely, and untimely death at the hands of the Arch-Heretic. The young Nunciate blamed herself for the Leaders fall, when they were ambushed two years before.
The Arch-Heretic who went by the name of Stroms, was on the planet below, and she wanted vengeance for her death and the genuine shame she felt.

The Palatine gave a rare smile.

+ We exterminate with extreme method +

Balakhnova smiled back and gave a curt bow.
The Palatine placed her hand on her sister’s pauldron.

+ Report. Remain in Station. Observe. Report +
Sister Balakhnova smiled and gave the Sign of the Aquila.

+ Intelligence gathering mission. Confirmed +

* * *

"Death occurs when a lethal projectile comes together in time and space with a suitable target, in the absence of appropriate armour or protection”

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