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TBH I really don't care if:

A - You feel it was well discussed - I've read that thread and it's mostly a bunch of negative opinions on Nick Kyme and his stories, non of which I agree with. There were some positive opinions which I agreed with but I'm not going to join in the arguments there.
B - You dislike the book - I enjoyed the plot, I thought the characterisation was done well and enjoyed the storyline. You're all free to dislike the book, that's your opinions and that's fine.

As a final thought I think this thread just shows how this forum has developed. IMO it's no longer a place where I feel my opinion is welcome. That's fine, no-one forces me to come here. It's like I have a morbid fascination on what people are hating on now that keeps me coming back here. However at least I now have the evidence on what happens if I post something which dares to break from the general consensus of hate which seems to pervade these forums now.

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