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I hope people don't mind, but this is such an exciting story, that I felt compelled to take part.

'The enemy has committed all of it's forces in the raising of Holy Terra' mused Lord Inquisitor Forson Graves 'Now is the time to strike. Contact Cadian High Command, tell them that Operation Exterminatus has begun.'

Graves sat back in his ornate throne on the command deck of his battlecruiser, The Vindicatus Maximus and smiled to himself. After twenty thousand years of continuous warfare, victory will finally be theirs, no longer will the Imperium of Man be threatend by the xenos, the traitor, the heretic or the mutant. The time had come to cleanse the galaxy.

'I have General Indred of the Cadian High Command on the channel my Lord' came the cry from the Communications Officer.

'Excellent. Put him through.' responded Graves gleefully.

The view screen on the Vox crackled to life and through a sea of static, an image began to emerge. It was General Harl Indred, a seasoned veteran of over forty bloody campaigns and one of the few Imperial Guardsmen to have risen through the ranks all the way to Warmaster. Depiste the snowstorm like static that surrounded his visage, his chiselled features and cold eyes could hardly be mistaken.

'General Indred, are you ready to deploy your troops?' asked Graves almost non-chalantly.

'The Cadian Guard await your orders with anticipation Lord Graves. We are ready to fight.' Indred quickly responded, more then a hint of impatience in his rushed tone.

'I am pleased to hear that you are eager to do battle General. Take your mighty fleets and wage war against the Xenos filth. Visit every world in alien space and cleanse it in Holy Fire. Do not stop until every Eldar, Ork and Tau is wiped forever from the face of the galaxy. Once you have dealt with these scum, I will give you the co-ordinates to the Necron Tombworlds, where are forces will combine to deliver the final hammer blow.' announced Graves.

'But what of the Legions of Chaos my Lord?' inquired Indred.

'Oh do not worry General, I will be taking care of those traitorous defilers...personally. Now begin your righteous crusade Warmaster and may the Emperor's blessings be with you and the two billion men under your command...Leave at once and strike great victories for Holy Terra and the Imperium!'

General Indred repeated the righteous call and then his Vox transmission ended. Graves looked through the large, ornate portals on the bridge of the Vindicatus, everywhere his eyes laid, he could see the numberless myriad of Imperial vessels surrounding his own flagship. Space Marines, Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle, Daemon Hunters, Witch Hunters, Imperial Guard, Titan Legions and of course his own battalions of Alien Fighters were lying in perfect formation within their mighty space crafts, waiting for the order to attack. There were so many ships, that it was almost difficult to make out the entrance to the Eye of Terror on which they had all congregated.

It had been a risky strategy to leave the Cadian Gate empty and an even greater risk to tempt the xenos scum into attacking Holy Terra, but risk is how wars are won. And considering the battle plans were drawn up by the greatest warrior to have ever graced the Imperium. There was no way that the holy warriors of mankind could ever fail.

Suddenly, the bridge of the Vindicator fell silent, the various Pyskers and Servitors had frozen in place and an overwhelming wave of warmth, courage and euphoria swept through every deck. From the main bridge window Graves could see it, in all of it's shining magnificent glory. It was the Emperor's Saber, the most beautiful, powerful and holy battle cruiser to have ever been fashioned by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The gold plated ship came to a graceful stop, it's nose seemingly pointed directly at Lord Forson Graves himself.

'The Emperor's Saber is hailing us!' came the excited shout from the communications officer.

'Put it through at once!' Graves barked back, angry at the delaying Imperial protocols for ship to ship communication.

The Vox once again crackled to life, but this time the image was crystal clear, as if no random piece of static would dare to interfere with this most coveted of signals. A boy, no older then twelve years old appeared on the screen, his face covered in Imperial markings, his long flowing hair touching his young, muscular shoulders. Lord Graves threw himself from his battle throne onto the deck of the bridge and kow towed to the image of the child.

'Lord Graves, it is time to begin the Final Great Crusade. How fair your men?' spoke the boy, his voice ringing with maturity far beyond his physical years.

'We are more then ready exalted one, seeing you has filled our hearts with harmonious joy and puritanical satisfaction, we await your orders with eagerness and anticipation. For today is the greatest of days and we are blessed just to be in your presence.'

'Your words bring inspiration, your heart delivers faith and your leadership is without question. Lord Graves, order your fleets to follow me into the Eye of Terror. The moment has come to purge the galaxy of evil once and for all.'

'Yes my God-Emperor, your will shall be done.'

I hope this was okay and fits in with the overall story. Next please.
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