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If your so distressed about the next installment, write it yourself!
Thats the whole point to the the story, that you guys are the ones that write it.
You don't sit there in the 4 word story asking for the next 4 words, the same applies here.
Give it a shot, write something, anything.

“Noble decision Captain, but is it a wise one?”
Captain Astor abruptly swiveled around at the intrusion and stood to attention when its owner revealed himself.
“Major General on deck! Attention!”
The crew and Guard on the bridge ceased what they were doing and stood to attention.
“Carry on.” Major General Garrick saluted to Astor. Adorned in bronze armour over the regiment's cold grey uniform and a white cape trailing behind him, the Major General was also followed by his retinue of usuall officers. General Lions in the same uniform with the cape albeit without the bronze armour, the Iron hearted Colonel Reyes and his equally cold retinue, Astor's friend Major Birka, the young gloomy Commissar Dawson and two other officers captain Astor didn't know.
The officers stared in astonishment and horror at the scene unfolding down on their beloved Terra, except the Commissar who stared at Astor with his droopy eyes, standing at the back of the crowd.

“Captain! Sir! We are in Com Radio Contact with the Recon class Imperial cruiser 'Blizzard'!”
“What about the other ships?”
Major General Garrick had taken control of the situation concerning communication.
“None of them respond sir! Only static, except this one sir!”
“Excellent! Put them online!”

A large Holographic picture screen appeared on the bridge displaying the figure of an officer, waist up.
The office's uniform as well as those behind him, closely resembled the Vostroyan uniform but without the armour and the colour only consisted of dark green cloth, black badges, black facings, black buttons, black decorations and a black bearskin hat.
“Hi!” Came the cheerful welcome from the reddy face.
The Major General was appalled at the casualness of the an Officer of the Imperial Guard.
“Report Damn you! By proper protocol!”
M.General Garrick was red from fury.
“Protocol aye? Um... Colonel Price, 74th Terek After Math World Recovery Regiment, 7th Terek Battalion!”
Lifting his left arm, Price took a swig from a glass bottle half empty.
Birka whispered to Astor. “That colonel ain't crazy, he's bloody drunk!”
This made Garrick Angrier. “Where are your damn commanding officers! I will have your head for this arrogance!”
“Semyenov! Wheres the General?” Price was addressing somebody from his own ship.
“We buried him sir!” Came the reply. “Oh... and what about the ship's captain?”
“We buried him too sir!” “Oh... fair enough. Well then I'm the commanding officer, hi!”

Major General Garrick was ready to brake something. He was not used to such insolence, especially from Senior Officers.
“What the Feck is going on?!” Garrick shouted at the drunk colonel.
“Fucked if I know. Have you sent troops down?” Price took another swig of the bottle. “I was about to issue the order.” Captain Astor decided it best if he handled the situation. “...hic..well don't, unless you want to be on that side of the field.”

Price Pointed out into space.
“Notice..hic.. how the ships are dividing. Theres two halves; our side and “not our” side. You can communicate with our side, the “not our” side ships are Imperial ships that dropped troops on the surface. After that we lose contact with them and they join that side.”
“What about the wolves of Fenris? What about Mars? The space Marines?”
“Oh they're all here, everyones here. We're just waiting for the rest to arrive.”
Price almost finished the bottle this time.
“Loook outa ur window, thers the Dark Angels, Imperial Fist's, Black Templars (some of them), Blood Angels, few hundred thousand Guard Regiments and a hundred other Space Marine Chapters aswell.”
“The ultraMarines? Titan Legions?”
“Oh don't worry they're here, just not on our side, infact everyones here, the orks, elder, not so nice elder, Tau ships, funny looking half moon ships (I dont know what the hell they are) and the 'nids. It seems our beloved Emperor invited everyone to the party.”
“I still don't know whats fecking happening!”
The Major General was growing impatient.
“Ha! Its apocalypse, the battle to end all battles, the holy last battle my friends, kill anything not human and pray the last man standing is waving “our” flag.”

Suddenly one of the enemy ships fired at the loyalist side, hitting a Black Templars Frigate, blowing apart the starboard side. The loyalist ships opened fire, ork raiding pirate ships charged forward and the sinister Dark Elder crept ever closer.”
Price threw aside his bottle, ripped open his shirt and unsheathed his sword.
“Ha! Its begun! Its The End!”

Price was right, everybody was here.
“Now you can drop! Drop with me my friends! I'll send you my coordinates! May the Emperor be with you at your death!”
The holopicture dissapeared and the bridge went into panic.
“Activate the shields! Arm our bloody selves! Did you get the coordinates? Good! We drop now!”
Garrick and his officers rushed to the giant drop pods.

Astor paused to stare out at the billions of drop pods and transports descending towards the planet.
“How the feck will they fit?”
Price's ship let out its transports and drop pods.
Astor stayed at the bridge of his ship as he was a navy captain, not Imperial Guard and he needed to keep in touch with the general Lions on the surface and Price.
Chaos! Half scared guardsmen piled into the transport carriers, millions of them. A sea of men.”

General Lions sat in the carrier with Commissar Dawson and colonel Birka.
Lions had done this millions of times but this time was not the same, this was Holy Terra he was charging into.”

The Carrier Crashed into a chapel, crushing the sacred objects kept inside. Guardsmen filed out into the open.
“Fuck.” The Fabled Golden Palace lay in ruins, thousands of differently uniformed Guardsmen and Marines ran everywhere, there was no room to assemble, everybody was brushing up against each other.
Colonel Price with his shirt unbuttoned came running towards the General and shook his hand.
“We charge, we fight! No time for tactics General, no time for honour!! This is pure gutter fighting! Claw, scrape, cheat, do whatever kills the enemy! Kill General! Kill and win! KILL!!”
And with that, Price screamed a savage, but appropriate war cry as well as thousands of other guardsmen.
The air was thick with the seething stench of death and destruction, ash, smoke and fire. Every building was raized so it was like an open plain battle although the grass is replaced by ruined buildings and once glorious chapels.
“For the Emperor!” was constantly heard from all sides.

Suddenly a huge Deamon of knorne materialised and crashed into the middle of Price's regiment. Lions shivered, this was true fear he had never before felt.

The disfigured Deamon swung its sword through the Terek 74th killing men by the dozen.
Colonel Price took out another bottle and drained a third of it before throwing the bottle at the Deamon.
“Argh! Ha ha!! Fuck you!!” Price clung to his sword hilt, looking down he picked up a dead comrade's lasgun to use as a club and jumping onto a chimera screaming, lunged up at the Deamon and was swallowed up in the ash, fire and artillery shells.
“Feck!” The general didn't know what to do. A hand grabbed his coller and shoved him forward into the crowd while he was pushed from behind by the sea of guardsmen charging into hell. A transport carrier burst into flames during flight and colided into a regiment of Guard and Marines moving with the sea.
Claws grabbed at Lion's feet and he looked down to see a horrific metallic frame emerge from underneath the ground.
A passing Space Marine cheered and lunged forward with his fist, punching the necron in the face, smashing it completely.
Another necron emerged and semi chopped a part from the Dark Angels waist. The Dark Angel's comrades charged forward to begin the fight with the still emerging Necron Flayed Ones.

“The drunk Colonel was right again.” Thought Astor, staring at Terra from the Bridge.
There were Tau drop ships, Elder drop ships, Ork drop ships, Heretic drop ships and Tyranid spores all heading for the surface.

“This is truly, The End.”

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