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Default What to use next

I play CSM but right now I have the itch to use something different to help me win more games or just do better. I am not great tactically but i think that is because I change lists so often. When I did use a CSM list towards the end of 6th in a club tournament I did quite well. I would like to get set on a decent list using a new army. Just a few thousand points to stick to for a while. Perhaps good shooters. So..... What should I do?

- hold on for the new CSM codex next year. Maybe that will bring something good for me. I still have never used Mauler/Forgefiends. Forget anything else I am chaos after all. It's all I've ever known!

- choose a loyalist marine set up? I know nothing about these but I really like the space marine models and enjoy painting them. I like the look of ultra marines and the models in the new Calth set.

- Allie with Chaos Daemons. I have to admit I don't really like the models and from what I have read I would need to get better tactically.

- Tau and Eldar seem powerful but again not massively keen on the models.

Please share your thoughts. I know there is no definite answer. I am going to see my local GW shop man soon and ask him but he will no doubt point me towards to most profitable route.
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