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I got my Betrayal at Calth set in the post yesterday and was trying to figure out what to do with my 3 tactical squads - I had hoped to use at least 1 that could be used as well for 40k.

I am trying to see what extras I would need to get from Forge World I have been doing some background reading on the web to see what the different squads can be equipped with:-

Legion Tactical Squad: 10-20 marines, can't take special or heavy weapons (could have 2 extra models to be used for 40k with special weapons missile launcher & flamer?) Nothing needed from FW

Legion Tactical Support Squad: actual source of special weapons. 5-10 marines, and all of them have flamers that can be swapped for other special weapons, I like the look of FW Rotor Cannons & Auto cannons.

Veteran Tactical Squad: Not as good as their 40k Stern guard equivalents. Up to 10 strong only, organised the same as post heresy Tactical squads with two weapons, Special or Heavy. Use the FW Ultramarines Invictarii Heads Upgrade Set and either the FW Ultramarines Legion MKIV Shoulder Pads or the shoulder pads in the GW Ultramarines Upgrade pack which I already have.
Can veterans be fitted with robes or capes?

Get The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List

Legion Recon Squad: Power Armoured Scouts - I was thinking of using my Anvil Industries Black Ops Sniper Recon Team in the mean time.

Can Ultramarines use the following:-
  • Legion Scimitar Pattern Jetbike Squadron,
  • Legion MKIV Outrider Squadron,
  • Leviathan Dreadnought.
Sorry for so many questions I will have to read up more on 30k I don't want to be buying the wrong items before I would get some of the more expensive FW books - thanks in advance.
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