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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
It saddens me to see people (not just here, mind you) wanting to buy this just for resale. I seriously doubt it's going to be discontinued or limited in any way other than GW can only make so many of them at a time and lots of people will want it. Honestly how much money does one think will come from this plan? What will happen if GW figured out how to keep this in stock, not to mention a ton of LGS's offering it for ~20% less anyway or eBay retailers parsing out the contents forcing you to do the same (leaving you with a board game no one seems to care about)?
Well I can only speak from my situation as to why I do it. For me buying and selling 40k stuff is hopefully going to become a full time business. And right now business is good, I have been doing this for several months now and I have either doubled or some months tripled what I make at my regular job. And with 7 people living in my house I need the extra cash.

But back to the topic I have a simple formula if I buy something I have to sell it for double or close to double what I paid. I got through a store my box preordered for $125 US dollars plus a free bag of swag. So I only need to sell the box for $255 US to make up my money. GW is preordering them for $265 US. So already I am cheaper and I make a profit. Now it is close to the holiday's and GW is not going release any till after Christmas. Are people going to go crazy stupid and throw lots of cash to get what they want? OF course they are. Just look at the BB-8 toy from Star Wars. Sells for $80 US dollars people were asking and getting $300 US dollars for one. So I plan on putting mine on Ebay or other sites around December and asking $300 I should get it as people will want it for Christmas.
It is a risk but any business venture is but I paid so low for my box I can go super low if I have to or I can break up the pieces of the box and I'll make my money back. I think this box set is GW testing the waters of 30K this will hopefully lead to armies being formed but I think they want to see if there is a market for 30K. I hope there is but as sad as it is this is business and the goal is to make money. Right now buying and selling 40k miniatures is feeding my family and paying my bills.

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