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Seriously, these are pretty bad. I've said that maybe if they zoomed out a little, and incorporated some carapace armor and pauldron insignias, it might have been better. These faces are pretty gonzo, and zooming in on them helps no one in particular.

One Bullet:

Hi folks, it's Astartes Bill Cosby!

Bad Blood:

"Mein Fuhrer, did you pass ze gas?"

The Flesh of the Angel:

Artist: Shit. This face is so bad even I'm painting a sheet over it.


Remember the good old days when all the Warhammer 40K pics showed supermen with mohawks and Duke Nukem buzzcuts? Feeling nostalgic?


Hey, remember those old low-budget cyborg movies that no one ever rented at the video store?
Yeah! Let's use those as inspiration!

First to Hunt:

Yees, Polly, my sweet chickadee. I don't know if I should kees you or roast you.
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