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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
I like it, but am unsure of how the Warlord moves. How does one randomly select, and how does it work with Slay the Warlord?
Thanks for the feedback. I've updated the document to address these issues. Random selection happens as per the BRB under "Randomising". Slay the Warlord or any other benefits that trigger from a Warlord being slain don't trigger until there are no more models eligible to become the new Warlord. I also figured that any warlord traits transfer as the information for the battle plan would be distributed throughout the force and any legionnaire could step up to fulfill the roll of "Harrowmaster."

Originally Posted by Xabre View Post
It's... well, boring.

No offense, I like the idea of it, I like the fluff behind it. BUT I don't see the purpose of it.


You get access to Infiltrate, once per game Preferred Enemy, Stubborn, and a fancy Warlord thingie.


It just feels like you've removed SO MUCH of the Chaos Codex, that just like 'loyal' TSons, you're not doing enough to earn your fluff back.
Fair points, thanks. I've changed stubborn to ATSKNF for Marines as it better follows GW precedent set with Cypher's Chosen. Hopefully this small buff will help to make the detachment feel worthwhile even with the harsh restrictions.

I've also attempted to give Cultists a more central role in the army in an effort to differentiate from loyalist chapters. Cultists current role in the codex is to fulfill the mandatory force org as cheaply as possible so that more points can be spent on units that are not available in this detachment, namely Bel'akor, Daemon Princes, Heldrakes and nurgle bike/khorne juggernaught lords. On Cultists, I added Objective Secured and fixing deep strike scatter for friendly units within 12". However since daemons are only allies of convenience to models in detachment this only benefits Terminators, Jump Packs and Dreadclaws.

Now here is where I feel I might of gone overboard. I gave Cultist Champions the Shatter Defenses special rule from the Warp Smith entry. I felt this was a fluffy way to represent sabotage but maybe an auspex equivalent should be used to fill the same fluff in a less powerful way.

So where does the flavor and usefulness of the army come from? With much infiltrate and reliable reserves an Alpha Legion player can evolve tactics to changing conditions in a way not available to even a loyalist chapter. Counter deploying is the default, and even a near full null deploy is possible.

One might use the following detachment to sabotage the enemy's defenses and guide an outflanking unit of renegade infantry or mutants on to the table while fixing their leadership. Well, until the sorcerer commits suicide in a challenge that is. This example is to show the benefit of splashing even the minimum detachment into an existing army.

# Primary Alpha Legion
## HQ
Sorcerer - 60

## Troop
10 Cultists - 50

10 Cultists - 50

# Allied Renegades
## HQ
Command Squad - 45

## Troop
30 Mutants - 90

So I suppose the reasons to take this detachment would now be:
  1. Infiltrate for Infantry
  2. Reliable reserves
  3. re-roll deep strike scatter when near cultists for non daemons
  4. Shatter defense per unit of cultist
  6. Once per game preferred enemy.

I don’t particularly see this detachment as a viable 1850 point army by itself, more of a good supplement to another Chaos detachment. Although it wouldn’t be too hard to put 27 infiltrating meltas right in the opponents face (infiltrating chosen and havocs). I myself will most of the time play this detachment allied to Renegades. However if you consider forgeworld, particularly IA:13, then I think there is enough variety to make a pure Alpha Legion list. Hell, just re-rolling reserves on a Fire Raptor without having to take a comms relay sounds pretty damn good.
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