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I didn't preorder a copy in the end. I realised I would just be buying it just because its the new thing. My Iron Hands are made up of MkIII and MKII, MKIV just doesnt fit to me since its a little too different, I've thought about using the plastics as support squads but im not sure. I don't use Termies - though those plastic ones are gorgeous -, got enough Contemptors which im going to magnetise, and the HQ options I dont care for.

Ill pick up the box set in a few weeks, but ill just store it for about 6 months. Then maybe resell it. The point of this set is to give people a reasonable price point to get into 30k pure and simple, the 'game' is nothing more than window dressing. You can't argue with 95 for something which costs 141 for the models from FW and thats without the weapons you would have to buy to acompany the resin easily taking it to over 150, if you already have the basis of a Legion its largely useless, but for new starters its great. Plus you dont need to buy the FW bundles, just pick up the game and shoulder pads, dont need heads or torsos, keeps it simple and rather cheap. and use the rest to bulk up your FW order with a few more models and qualify for the free express shipping.

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