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Originally Posted by Brother Subtle View Post
True. How long do we wait now to get the LE's in regular hardback? 1 year or 2?

I'm actually saving for a 2nd hand book I've found. Ravenor the Omnibus, hardcover with dust jacket, all near fine condition. $150 with postage. Damn that'd look sweet on my shelf, rare hard to find book.
Really? I've never seen one. How's it look and where did you find that?

Originally Posted by Lord of the Night View Post
About that yeah. I'd rather just wait the year and get them in a normal novella format, or wait a bit longer and see if they are released in an anthology as Brotherhood of the Storm was.

Yup. I bought the Wolf King, simply because I hadn't bought any in a long time, so it didn't bother me so much. But I've just stopped buying the Limited Editions generally. As said, i'll just wait for the regular hardback. Hell I never take them out the dust jackets anyway.

Not to mention the fact that I have fuck all interest in Calth anymore. I'd rather read more of Istvaan than fucking Calth. Know No Fear was so god damned good, Calth was amazing. Now, it's stale beyond repair.
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