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Originally Posted by neferhet View Post
yeah, i heard the gw managers saying the same thing

About your models, they remind me of roman legionnaires...
you could use that vibe and the background of the Legio Fulminata...
that is actualy a pretty neat Idea. I will look into them. and see what I like. thanks for the idea

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Digging it. The only thing I might suggest it trying to 'aim' a bit more with the washes. They can add detail or obscure it by pooling just as easily. An example I see of pooling is on the leftmost Eternal's shield along the top. The black looks off around the details.

Keep up the good work though, I may just be unresearched on the topic but you have a unique look going on here
yeah its horrid isnt it? the truth is. I have been to lazy to correct it thus far
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