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Default Stealth Marker team

I want to take a moment to talk about the revamped Stealth marker team (SMT). The Veteran Tau players among this will remember the Stealth marker team when each stealth could take 2 drones, when that disappeared so did the SMT. However with the Optimised Stealth Cadre and Wall of Mirrors I believe it is time for a come back. The old way used quantity of shots to get round poor BS, BS has changed now.

Stealth Marker team Mark II

XV25 Stealth Team: 152 Points
Shas'vre; Target Lock & Markerlight, Drone Controller, 2 Marker Drones
Shas'ui; Fusion blaster, Target lock
Shas'ui; Burst cannon, Target lock

This is of course in a bubble as to get the BS4 needed you need to run the Cadre so an additional 210+ Points. This unit on average should hit two Markerlights a turn

A.) May move and fire markerlights
B.) Jet pack movement profile
C.) Stealth and Shrouded
D.) Deep Strike or Infiltrate
E.) Ablative wounds
F.) Rest of unit can still shoot


Stealth Marker Teams are the way to get difficult to uproot marker lights on the battlefield. The SMT overcomes the single most common complaint concerning other non FW markerlight sources such as pathfinders--fragility.

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