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Is your Seer Council mounted on jetbikes or on foot ?

If on jetbikes ...

1. Skyrunner Seer Council (2 Farseers, 4 Warlocks)

2. CAD with 2 x 5 Rangers and a Skyrunner Autarch w. Faolchu's Wing

3. Aspect Host (like you posted them, but ditch the EML on the Exarch)

Fits into 1.000 pts.

After lengthy testing I feel like ... Harlequins are simply not really effective when played on their own and get shot of the table easily.
They work best in a supportive role, selecting one or maybe two formations of choice to support a Craftworld or DE list (though they work best in supporting Haemonculus Coven armies).
They might work in conjunction with an orc list ... though I'm still not fond of the Masque Detachment.

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