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Default Vanguard Vet Loadout and Use.

Hey Folks

So I've recently invested in my first Vanguard Veteran squad of 5. As someone who plays with Raven Guard chapter tactics, naturally I'll be equipping them with jump packs. Now that they have re-rollable charge without jump packs, I'll be looking at transport / foot slogging variants later on.

Now as these are my first five Vanguard Vets, I really want to go to town with special weapons, as I can include bolt pistol / chainsword meat shields later on (or even just throw in some AMs).

My thinking so far is thus:

Sergeant: Storm Shield - Thunder Hammer

VV1: Twin Lightning Claws
VV2: Lightning claw, Storm Shield
VV3: Power Axe, Bolt Pistol
VV4: Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bomb

What I'm really looking for in this squad is a bit of a quick reaction force. I tend to run quite a bit of dakka, and generally need something to keep my shiny predators cozy and safe. I've proxied them a couple of times, and if there's no imminent threat then they seem to do well hoofing it up a flank providing your opponent has enough other targets to worry about.

Thoughts on each model / purpose:

Sergeant - Challenges, generally, and hurting Vehicles / MCs. Will still lose challenges against anything with a decent number of dice, but I wanted something that at least had a chance of soaking up a few attacks and, dice gods permitting, maybe playing some whack-a-mole.

VV1 - Damage, generally, murdering AP3 and above.
VV2 - Bit of damage, but primary purpose is to point his SS at anything nasty.
VV3 - The axe looked a little too cool to leave out, especially for the points, and can hopefully help with AP2 enemies. Also not a specialist weapon I believe.
VV4 - Duty power sword, and also my melta bomb guy for that extra anti-vehicle punch / versatility.

Overview - It's an expensive squad, and probably isn't the greatest in terms of competetiveness. I like the potential versatility / mobility. If the TH/SS guy doesn't work out as the sergeant I'll just put him back in the ranks and promote the LC/SS guy for as a good old fashioned sponge.

Would very much appreciate some thoughts!
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