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Originally Posted by Haskanael View Post
we can only hope. but I doubt there is anyone that can do propper justice to his work. (tho there are some games based on Lovecrafts work)
Originally Posted by Loli View Post
They exsist. The Lovecraft Appreciation Society- i think what its called - do movies of his films, they arent high budget or anything but I think they are pretty decent. Ill see if i can find them for you.
Originally Posted by Tawa View Post
I'd even go to the cinema and not complain about the prices......
It's not like the man wrote expansive books of one continuous story like some Fantasy, Sci Fi, and Crime authors do. Most of his work could be done in a single two hour film for his longer stories and as compilation films for some of his shorter stories. What would be cool is to have like a three hour film with multiple short stories like The Statement of Randolph Carter and others. I've seen a couple Twilight Zone episodes that were obviously based on his work, but, just didn't get the treatment that they may have deserved.
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