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She continued to approach, mindful that at any moment a fire-fight could break out and she would have to take evasive action. Sekel suggested their blast their way in. “If they do think they can deny us we shall, but I’d rather not fight when there is an easier method of insertion.” Ioana retorted. Volpex mussed about the stability of the ship to himself and she felt no need to comment further. Once they were inside the hulk, this ship could burn for all she cared. Ganesh seemed exceptionally proud of it, but if he took so much joy in its creation then surely the opportunity to recreate it would elate him. Hopefully it would drive him to improving it too.

Suddenly, the vox crackled into life, but too intercut with static for her to pick out anything. “Say again, we do not copy. Repeat we do not copy and are continuing our approach.” Five minutes went by before they heard anything else. Ioana listened to this Lord Kraskol as he barked his terms and conditions at them. She turned to Sekel “How quaint. Still, this will be easier than forcing our way in.” She wondered if the woman she was impersonating would have paid them any more mind than she was. Perhaps.

The side of the hulk opened, the vacuum pulling out loose debris from the ‘hangar’ of the spacers. Volpex came forward, commenting on the state of the spacer’s abode. “Funny. I was just thinking in dim lighting you could mistake this for our vessel” She said flatly, keeping her eyes forward. The hangar was circular and ahead of them was a large door, presumably where the rest of the spacers dwelt. Only 20 soldiers surrounded their ship, their weapons crude and likely useless against the four of them. It was almost insulting.

Had she been alone she might have continued this ruse further, but the instant they stepped out of the Spearhead the lie would unravel. Three Astartes was hardly a small strike force. Volpex, unsurprisingly, suggested hunting down the leader and torturing the information out of him. “Let them come, Sharktooth. The more we draw into a brawl here, the less there will be elsewhere to guard the cache and we can slip away in the maelstrom. That is…” she peered behind her seat to look at him “…if you can tear yourself away from it.” Ioana began to cycle down the engines and cycle up the weapons systems, setting them to automatic where possible. “As for Kraskol, I imagine once his people are dying and his home is aflame he will be forthcoming enough. Now, shall we begin?”

The Astartes readied themselves as did she, her rifle suspended in one hand and her sword at her waist. She began lowering the assault ramp and stood over the command console, opening the vox once more. “You misunderstand. This is not a negotiation.” The main cannon on the Spearhead fired forward, the shot tearing down the doors in front of them. The shockwave reverberated round the hangar and the men arrayed before them began to frantically fire their weapons as the ship, doing little damage, if any at all. The Astartes spilled from the assault ramp and she followed after them, staying close to the Spearhead, it’s looming form providing shadows for her to use to obscure herself. She didn’t bother to fire at the spacers. The Astartes would tear through them in short order, and her ammunition was better spent on more elite foes. Her synskin became a hue of shaded metal and she used her relative obscurity to try and spot and hidden gun batteries or weapons systems. Equally she watched to see what, if anything would come through the hole they had just blasted…

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