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The Fifth Rig

A loud noise comes from the communications and a distorted voice starts to speak. "...We read...does this mean...negotiate...for the people-" it shuts off quickly and another noise blasts the communications. After 5 minutes another voice comes out of the communications, this one is clear and loud. "Hello, this is Lord Kraskol. We understand that you want to retrieve that damned woman. Sadly she is not in our company but at the center of our home. We will help you though but we must go over a couple of things." The mans voice is heavy but has a strange accent. "You said you were a strike force...that was a very unwise decision to send more soldiers instead of a diplomatic force. We request that you leave you arms on your ship also when you arrive on board, you will follow our men to the mobile station and you will talk with your 'trader' so we negotiate the prisoner and the big men that came into our grand station and ruined our people."

A ship that has attached on the space hulk is slowly being open as pieces of scrap fly out and the ship's hangar is revealed, broken and barely functional. Another loud noise goes off on the communications and a radically different voice greets you, "Slowly move into the station and stay at one course. Failure to follow these instructions will result in you being blown to bits in 2 minutes. Now execute your actions and don't try anything!"

Bractus' Bloody Tooth

You have all been placed into your deployment pods. Under your feet the hangar opens up and people begin to flee from the hangar as the floor opens up slowly and the oxygen is vaporized. Your pods then fall into free space and you explode out of the ship. You move closer to the planet and the other pods begin to diverge off course and you are soon separated.

The planet starts to turn into a blood red color below you and you begin to fall unconscious as you fall closer to the planet you hear a sharp whisper in your ear before your eyes shut. "This is my planet and it's under my rules, little ones."

Osborn you land close to a small hut with two tribal men advancing onto your position and one pulling off the scrap from your broken down pod. Juda, you land next to Osborn and another one of the tribal men runs out of the hut and proceeds towards your pod to do the same. Azor you land on a small vicious jungle booming with wildlife and two beats converging on your pod about to rush you while a man points his finger at your pod yelling angrily. Tilraenen, you are being dragged by a man as you see another pod and two beasts rushing to get to it in a wild jungle island.

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