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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
Season 6 is certainly back with a bang. Two episodes in and we've already had more action than the whole of season 5. Do you think they can maintain this level for the whole season?

Huh? The start of season 5 we had the amazing break out from Terminus. Carol and Rick killing almost everyone in sight. We then had the epic conclusion to the hunters, with Rick fulfilling his 'red handled machete' promise. Let's not forget the 'You can't go back Bob' and 'Shhhhhhut upppp' when he kills Officer Bob.

Season 5 opening episode was probably the best one along with the pilot itself.

I am still loving season 6 btw. But look at S5. It started off with a ton of action, just as much, if not more then what we've seen so far from S6, and it then gradually just lowered the pace again.
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